Sex is good, but one committed as a crime can ruin one’s reputation. Nothing good comes out of sex crimes. Approaching someone with this kind of crime if you are involved in it anyway may be somewhat shameful. But one needs not to suffer in silence because of shame. The attorneys at the law offices in west palm beach sex crime attorney will handle your case with due diligence, and your dignity will be preserved, and your information will be kept confidential.

Sex crimes

For one to know which kind of attorney he/she needs, he/she needs to understand the kind of crime involved. Sex crimes come in various forms. Some of them include:

Indecent exposure

It is so illegal for someone to indecently expose his/her genitals in public.

22Sexual assault

This may include touching someone sexually in a way that is not acceptable especially in public. Though this may also happen in the office, in school or in other prohibited areas, it is a crime if one is entitled to it.

Statutory rape

Statutory rape would involve an adult engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor, even if the minor consented to it, the adult in question has committed a crime.


Rape is having sexual intercourse by forcing the other person to it when they don’t want to engage in the act. This may even involve married couples.


Prostitution is selling one’s body to another for sexual pleasure. Prostitution is considered a crime since it erodes the good morals of a community and probably because it can cause marriages to break if any of those involved are married. Although Prostitution is legal in some places, it is not so in Florida, more so in West Palm Beach and its environs.

Prostitution also involves pimping, which is making money by involving other people to engage in prostitution for your own benefit. Pandering, this involves encouraging prostitution in any way. And then there is child prostitution.

Getting an attorney

33After identifying where your crime lies, one needs to get a qualified attorney to handle his/her case. A good lawyer knows how to handle your case, and he/she is conversant with the existing laws related to your case, he/she also has a history of how past cases like your own have been ruled out, and they know how justice has been arrived at.

This is where the attorneys of Hutchinson and Huffman in the law offices in West Palm Beach come in, to sort your issues out. All you have to do is to approach them with all the relevant information you have, leaving no information out. The attorneys offer free consultations, and they will listen to you and offer you the best legal advice, and if you agree with them they will carry on with your case. With the Hutchinson and Huffman attorneys on can be assured of quality service and the right treatment.