Know about the difference between dolby cinema and imax

Dolby is defined by the breathtaking sound and astonishing brightness which makes each visit captivating event. Breathtaking sound might fill room and follow all across you. It is the premium cinema concept which is created by Dolby laboratories and it might combine Dolby proprietary technologies like Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision. This technology competes with the imax and other premium large formats like Regal’s RPX. Dolby vision is having capability to display certain combinations of the frame rate and resolutions. Majority of the dolby cinema is having fantastic features of curved video wall entrance and it can display content related to feature film playing in auditorium.

Understand difference between dolby and imax

People must know about difference between dolby and imax which is really useful to you. Dolby cinema is using dual laser projectors to their imagery and it is quiet similar to the new imax system. Imax is immersive movie going experience and each element is especially positioned and designed to make intense experience. There are vast numbers of the differences between imax or dolby such as

  • dolby cinemaDolby cinema is using curved display but imax is using flat display
  • 4k laser projector is used in the dolby but imax is having 2k digital projector setup
  • Imax does support 3d whereas dolby cinema does not
  • Dolby cinema is designed by the leather recliners for comfort but imax might not have recliners

Reserved seating could be available to dolby cinema but it is not available at the imax. Based on the movie, you can choose either dolby or imax. If you are looking to get superior sound mix then you are advisable to choose dolby cinema. There are useful numbers of the reasons are there to choose imax such as immersive experience and inspiring images. Imax is system of the high resolution cameras, film projectors and film formats. When compared to the conventional projectors, film is running horizontally so that image width is greater rather than width of image. Imax cinema process might maximize image resolution by using the larger film frame. Different variations of the imax are available like dome and OMNIMAX, HD, digital and 3D. Large part of imax experience is that sound. It can deliver 3d images of the unsurpassed clarity and brightness. You are suggested to know about imax vs dolby which is useful to pick best camera based on your desire.

Amazing information about imax vs dolby

In a modern world most of the people are interested to choose dolby cinema because it has awesome sound system, recliners, high dynamic color range color space on image and it is using laser. If you are doing some research then you might find out the best one based on your requirements.


At present, most of the cinema auditoriums are having 2k projectors. Different styles of the imax theaters are available so you can pick as per review. The main advantage of the imax theatre is that design of auditorium and size of screen.